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Sober Living Ohio


What Is Sober Living?

When a person has completed a drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation program, he or she may not be ready to return home. This could be due to instability in the home or simply being around too many temptations to return to drug and/or alcohol abuse. An option that many Ohio residents may choose to utilize in this instance, is a sober living home/community.

The purpose of a sober living community is to provide a person who has overcome addiction with a safe and supportive environment where they can continue to pursue sobriety. Sober living can mean different things to different people. Some people may not have anywhere to go following rehab, and will stay at a sober living facility until they can establish a new job and find a new place to live. For others, a sober living community provides the opportunity to bridge the gap between finishing rehab and living on one’s own.

Anyone who desires a safe and sober environment in Ohio and is also not ready to return home, should live in a sober living community. Some sober living homes may have residents that have their own rooms, while others may have roommates, which can make the facility more affordable.

What Is It Like to Be a Part of a Sober Living Community?

Sober living communities in Ohio are homes that typically require their residents to pay rent, maintain and pursue their sobriety, and contribute to household chores that are assigned to keep the household going. Sometimes the communities will offer programming, such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meetings at the sober living house. The homes have a zero-tolerance policy for those struggling with addiction. If a person chooses to return to drug or alcohol abuse, they will no longer be allowed to stay at the house. Each house often has its own rules that may also include not destroying house property, refraining from engaging in violent behavior, paying program fees in a timely fashion, and smoking in only designated smoking areas, if applicable.

There are several aspects of living in a sober environment that sober individuals enjoy. These include:

  • Having the understanding and support of those who have struggled with addiction and know what it is like to experience addiction.
  • Having people you can talk to about your concerns, thoughts, and struggles and knowing you will receive support.
  • Having easy access and support for attending counseling and/or addiction meetings.
  • Knowing you are living in an environment where people are trying to better themselves and staying sober.
  • Knowing you are living among others who are abiding by the same rules of sobriety and who will hold you accountable for your sobriety.
  • Feeling as if you are in a safe and supported environment that is drug, alcohol, and violence free.


What Are the Benefits of Sober Living?

For some people, the idea of leaving a rehabilitation center and going back home creates such intense anxiety and fear, that he or she will return to drug or alcohol abuse. However, for financial or personal reasons, that person may be unable to continue at a treatment center. In this instance, a sober living facility can provide a tremendous amount of relief from anxiety.

There are several unique benefits of sober living in Ohio that can help a person continue his or her sobriety. Examples include:

  • Sober living offers similar benefits to a treatment center, but allows a person to live more independently.
  • Sober living communities are safe and productive environment where residents play an important role in encouraging each other to stay sober.
  • A person can begin to develop skills of independent living and potentially attend school or find a job.

For more information about the benefits of sober living communities, dial an addiction specialist today.