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Self-Help – Peer Support Guidance for

Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery


Self-Help – Peer Support Groups for

Family and Loved Ones of Substance Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

After completing a residential or outpatient addiction treatment program many use the 12-Step AA meetings as a relapse prevention and recovery maintenance tool. This can be a very effective method of working through obstacles in recovery as well as a great way to remain concentrated on recovery goals. AA is also used by some who choose to get clean on their own. To find group meetings near you that you can attend, click here.

Cocaine Anonymous (CA)

For individuals suffering from cocaine addiction 12-step programs are available to help you maintain abstinence as well as provide support during recovery. To find meetings nearby for you or a loved one, click here.

Crystal Meth Anonymous

Support for crystal meth addiction recovery is available to help those on the journey of healing deal with relapse triggers, cravings, and moments of self-doubt.  Recovery from crystal meth abuse or addiction can be difficult but support groups. An effective method of maintaining recovery after rehab for crystal meth is regularly attending 12-step group meetings through Crystal Meth Anonymous. There are meetings near you, to locate them click here.

Dual Diagnosis Recovery

More than 50 percent of individuals suffering from an addiction also suffer from a co-existing emotional or psychiatric illness. While rehab centers provide a strong foundation for recovery it is important to maintain the progress made in treatment. Due to the nature of addiction and that it is not a curable disease long-term maintenance is often necessary for maintaining recovery.  Through regular attendance of 12-step group meetings, individuals in recovery can remain focused on their journey as well as surround themselves with a strong support system. To find the dual diagnosis recovery meetings nearest you, click here.

Marijuana Anonymous

For individuals in recovery from marijuana abuse or addiction both newly sober and those with experience in recovery, 12-Step focused group meetings are an essential part of maintaining recovery.  With nearly 63,000 meetings held around the world, both in person and online, there is always support available from others who understand your struggles. To locate the marijuana anonymous meeting nearest you or to find out more about these types of programs, click here.

Narcotics Anonymous

Sustaining recovery from drug addiction or drug abuse through a 12-Step program such as NA can be both encouraging and life changing. Regular attendance in meetings provides support as well as structure that is needed for long-term recovery. To find narcotics anonymous meetings near you or to learn more about the program, click here.

Smart Recovery

Substance abuse recovery and addiction rehabilitation are different for every individual. The Smart recovery program focuses on a 4 point system in which anyone with an addictive behavior can learn to change self-defeating emotions, actions, and thinking. To find smart recovery meetings in your area or learn more about if this program is right for you or a loved one, click here.

Al-Anon Family Groups

Support groups that assist family and loved ones of alcoholics through 12-Step programs are available from Al-Anon. Regular attendance of these meetings builds an understanding of addiction through sharing experiences with others who have been in similar situations. Additionally, loved ones of addicts can experience negative effects that can become damaging if left untreated. Al-Anon is not religious based and is fully focused on coping with the effects of caring for someone with a drinking problem. To find Al-Anon family groups near you, click here.


Family group meetings provided by Nar-Anon can be a recovery tool for individuals suffering from the effects of caring for someone with a drug abuse or addiction disorder. Nar-Anon, a 12-Step family program, can be effective in helping loved ones understand the disease of addiction. Loving a person with a drug use disorder can be debilitating, it is through programs like Nar-Anon that family members can find support and the courage to let go of what they cannot control. To learn more about Nar-Anon and locate a meeting, click here.